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Engagement Scores

Advanced Settings can be found in Settings > Engagement Scores.

Engagement Scores are a single measure of engagement that blends many metrics together. An Engagement Score can include all kinds of metrics (pageviews, reading time, shares, etc.), about any audience segment, from any analytics platform. Each component metric of a score can be weighted to reflect which ones are most important to your organization.

An Engagement Score makes your analysis simple by focusing on one number, but still comprehensive by including all the components that matter to you.

You will have several Engagement Scores. Engagement Scores are automatically generated for each Audience Segment or Loyalty Stage. You can customize all of your Engagement Scores in the Engagement Scores settings.

This Engagement Score blends various social interactions to provide a more comprehensive Social Engagement Score.
Engagement Scores measure how content performs, compared to the average engagement with all content on your site (learn more about this in Baseline. “Normal” engagement levels are equal to a score of 100. Any score above 100 is above average, anything below 100 is below average.

Engagement Scores will be used in your dashboards across Metrics for News.